• A companion animal, a lovely friend and another family member.
    We wish our companion dogs and cats, four-feet-friends,
    can live more healthy life with full of joy.

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  • Long time ago, when keeping companion animal is not as popular as it is now,
    I have an experience of letting the Maltese, which is the first companion dog I took care of, go in vain.
    Since I thought the tragedy came from my immaturity and inadequacy, It was more heartbreaking.

    With a longing heart, hoping that this will never happen again
    I studied hard, and based on a more mature love and deeper understanding,
    Now I am enjoying a happy life with my dog.

    Together with experts, we established a specialized company to supply the best nutrition
    and health supplements to take care of our companion animals and to share the joy of companion life together.
    All comments to love our companion animals more enthusiastically will be welcomed!

  • 인터발란스
  • Balanced nutrition
    Balanced internal health

  • "Healthy External appearance comes from balanced internal health."

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  • Health care brand for companion animals, "INTERBALANCE"

  • Not too much! Not too little! For the balanced health of companion animals!
    We, animal health experts, make supplements by using proper, verified and scientically proven ingredients.
    And, we put all the sincerity in our products.

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  • Interbalance strives.

    We aim for a companion life which both companion and
    companion animals can commune more longer with happiness.
    That is the reason why we produce the supplements for companion animals.

  • Interbalance is transparent.

    We use ingredients which are scientifically proven safety
    and efficacy and we clearly open the contents of active ingredients.
    All products are produced in a hygienically managed facility.

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  • Interbalance do promise.

    For the healthy, lively and happy companion life with friends,
    we promise to study, research and strive continuously.
    And we will offer always the best for our friends.

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